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Portraits come from nature, those animals we love so much we want to be reminded of them right in our homes.  Because of the requirements of appliqué and reverse appliqué techniques and the intricacies of these portraits, these pillows are 18" square.  Our prices reflect the precision of the designs:  Portraits range in price from $160 to $285.

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No photography can do the Bengal tiger justice.  Its pale green eyes almost blink.  The Bengal belongs on your sofa!
Price: $285.

This Beauty pillow is 16" square and handcrafted in Italian leather.  We can craft these pillows in just about any two or three colors of leather.  Make your choice in our store.  Prices start at $160.


This white Bengal's blue eyes say everything you need to know about beauty.  18" square, Italian leather, handcrafted in the USA.

Price:  $275.00


This Smiling Orca sports a blue topaz cabochon eye.  Italian leather, 18" square, and handcrafted in the USA.

Price:  $200.00


The Grazing Zebra. 18" square and handcrafted in Italian leather.
Price:  $255.

The Bronco is captured by welt that looks like a lasso.  We put this Bronco on the back of a custom leather jacket, too.  Like all our pillows, the Bronco is handcrafted in Italian Leather and is filled with 100% polyester.  16" square.  Price:  $160.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze silhouettes lope across dark brown Italian leather.  18" square, and handcrafted in the USA.

Price:  $260.00

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